How to Get Started with FlyData Autoload

FlyData Autoload can help you load your data to Amazon Redshift in near real-time. Follow the steps below to configure FlyData Autoload for your environment, and start enjoying the benefits of not having to handle the data management! (up to 10GB/m of bandwidth to Amazon Redshift is provided for free)

1. Create a FlyData account

2.  Go to the Settings and Enter your Amazon Redshift Cluster Settings

In this step, you will set your Amazon Redshift with FlyData, so that FlyData will know where to send your data.

  • Click on "Settings" and scroll to "Amazon Redshift Cluster Setting"
  • Enter in your Amazon Redshift cluster Endpoint, Port, Database Name, Username, and Password, and click the "Save" button.
  • Finally, make sure that you change your VPC settings on your Amazon Redshift to accept access from FlyData (without this, FlyData cannot send data to your cluster). Go to “VPC” from the AWS Console, and edit the security group for your Redshift cluster. Add the following TCP inbound rules to allow access from FlyData servers.
    • Port range: [Your Redshift Cluster Port] Source:
    • Port range: [Your Redshift Cluster Port] Source:
    • Port range: [Your Redshift Cluster Port] Source:

3. Go to the Dashboard and Create a Data Entry

Here, you will be specifying where your data will come from.

  • Click on "Dashboard" and scroll to the "Your Data Entries" section.
  • In "New Data Entry", create and enter a Name that uniquely identifies your data entry.
  • Specify the log path of your log file. This is the file where all of your data is being outputted. The FlyData Agent will monitor this file for any updates made to the file.
  • Finally, copy the installation command in the black box, and run the command on the server that has your log file. This will install the FlyData Agent, which is a lightweight client side code that will monitor changes to your log file, and send updates to data to your Amazon Redshift cluster automatically.

4. Go Through the Setup Prompts to Finalize your Settings

After installing, you will be asked a few final questions to complete your FlyData setup. Once these prompts are answered, your FlyData is ready to continuously load your data into Amazon Redshift!


If you have any trouble during setup, please feel free to reach us at Thank you!

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