How to Re-Sync Tables - FlyData Agent v0.3

Once in a while, you may have a need to resync your tables. The following are the steps to take:

  1. Reset your FlyData Sync on the tables you specify by running the following command. If you’d like to resync your entire database, simply run flydata sync:reset without specifying any table name.


    $ flydata sync:reset your_table01 your_table02
  2. Create a support Ticket.

    Specify what table(s) will need to be reset, and we will validate that data is clear on all of our servers. You can create a support ticket by simply emailing

  3. Generate the SQL necessary to flush the tables you were going to reset, by running the following command:


    $ flydata sync:generate_table_ddl > create_table.sql
  4. Run the resulting create_table.sql file on your Redshift cluster.
  5. Start an initial sync on the tables that were reset by running the command below. After that, it will continue to sync all registered tables.


    $ flydata start