Accessing Amazon Redshift

Amazon Redshift clusters can be interfaced using a postgresql client. We recommend using psql-client to access your cluster for simple queries.

To connect to our specific Amazon Redshift sandbox through FlyData, we provide all the details for you to connect on our settings page. Under our Amazon Redshift Settings, there is information such as endpoint, port, database name, username, and password that is essential to connecting.

Redshift Sandbox Details Setting
After installation of psql-client, you should be able to access your Amazon Redshift cluster with this command:

>> PGPASSWORD=[password] psql -U [username] -h [endpoint] -p [port] -d [database_name]

Creating a Table

Once you are logged into the Amazon Redshift cluster, you can do things like create a table. Here is the sql to create a table:

CREATE TABLE table_name  ( an_integer INT,    a_string VARCHAR(255),    second_string VARCHAR(255) );