Register a Read Replica

Retain binary log

To ensure proper replication, it is highly recommended to retain binary logs for at least 4 days. To do this, you can enter the following in mysql from your server:

mysql> call mysql.rds_set_configuration('binlog retention hours', 96);

Register the Read Replica

Enter the connection information related to the read replica in data entry page on the FlyData Dashboard. To do this, go to the New Data Entries table in the FlyData Dashboard. Then choose MySQL as Data Source. Be sure to include the name of a database and tables to synchronize.


  • Host: RDS DB instance endpoing (MySQL Server host).
  • Port: RDS DB instance port (default 3306).
  • Username: the name of RDS user (in this document, `sync`).
  • Password: RDS user’s password.
  • Database: the name of a database that contains tables you want to replicate on Amazon Redshift.

Table: the name of the tables that you would like to replicate.

  • Full Sync: The “Full Sync” mode will sync any INSERT/UPDATE/DELETE/ALTER TABLEs made to the MySQL table(s) you specify.
  • Append Only: The “Append Only” mode will sync everything except DELETEs made to your MySQL table.
  • Schema: If you use a non-default Amazon Redshift schema, be sure to enter the Amazon Redshift schema name.

When you’re finished, click Update to save your changes.