Register Cluster with FlyData

To get your Redshift cluster information, go to your Amazon Redshift Cluster AWS Console page, and click on the name of the cluster you want to synchronize. Information appears under Cluster Database Properties (see screenshot below)


To register the cluster, go to your FlyData Console, and click on the Settings menu. Then enter the Redshift cluster information in Amazon Redshift Cluster Setting (see screenshot below)


You will need to provide the endpoint and other parameters:

  • Endpoint : Redshift Cluster endpoint.
  • Port: Redshift Cluster port (default 5439).
  • Database Name: Redshift database name.
  • Username: Redshift user name.
  • Password: Redshift user’s password.

You will need to use your endpoint and port. For example, the endpoint might be set to something like,, with the port set to 5439. For the database name, you’ll have to enter the name of the database that you want replicated on your Amazon Redshift cluster. You’ll also have to provide the MySQL user name and password for accessing the database.