Fetching Changes from your MySQL

Direct Model

To fetch changes from your MySQL tables, you can have FlyData directly monitor changes to your database. Alternatively, you can install the FlyData Agent onto a Linux server that has access to your MySQL server. While the first choice requires you to open your MySQL port to FlyData, it simplifies your process and you can save on server costs. Otherwise, please follow the steps below for the second option (installing the Agent).

FlyData Agent Model

The FlyData Agent is what monitors the changes made to your MySQL tables. Specifically, it monitors the MySQL binary log (i.e., the binlog), and sends these changes to the FlyData Cloud, in order to load it into Amazon Redshift.

To install the FlyData Agent, you will need a Linux server, which has access to your MySQL server.

To get the specific command for installing the FlyData Agent, go toDashboard -> Install Command. Select either the Development or theProduction tab, depending on your environment. Text for installing the FlyData Agent will then be presented.

Copy the install command with its options and other values. Log into your Linux server where you want to run the FlyData Agent, and paste or type the command at the command-line as root or an appropriate administrator. You may want to execute the following to enable FlyData commands:

 $ source ~/.bashrc