Sync with MySQL (non-RDS)

FlyData Sync is used to take data from MySQL to send to Amazon Redshift. It utilizes the MySQL binary log (i.e., binlog) to replicate data from your databases to your Amazon Redshift cluster. You can even synchronize data from multiple MySQL databases to Amazon Redshift. Data can be uploaded as often as every 5 minutes so that you can always query fresh data.

The configuration process is simple: You enable binary logging on your MySQL, you provide FlyData with access information on your server and with Amazon Redshift, and then recreate the tables that are on your server that you want to replicate on Amazon Redshift. When you’re ready, FlyData Sync will copy the data from the tables on your server to the cloud. After that, whenever a change is made in the binlog related to the data or the schema of the replicated tables, those changes are made shortly afterwards on your Amazon Redshift cluster.

This brief guide describes the steps for setting up FlyData Sync to work well with Amazon Redshift.